Reskin Disclaimer

  1. Artwork Process
    • GameBolo guarantees well-made, aesthetically pleasing, and functional products. Art packs are generally returned within 20 business days, with a possibility of an earlier return based on project size and workload.
    • The Art Manager will confirm the project’s initiation within 1 business day of ordering via the user’s dashboard inbox. They serve as the primary point of contact for any queries.
  2. Samples and Approval
    • During the 20-day process, sample screens will be sent for approval. It’s crucial for users to check their inbox and respond promptly for on-time delivery. Delayed responses may impact project timelines.
  3. Delivery and Feedback
    • After receiving final art packs, users have 5 days to review and report any issues. Failure to respond within this period implies satisfaction, and the project is concluded.
    • GameBolo doesn’t facilitate edits on previous graphics packs. Users are encouraged to make clear decisions initially.
  4. Trademark Policy and Expectations
    • Users are advised not to select trademarked characters or names for their games to avoid rejections. GameBolo doesn’t undertake revisions for such cases post-project closure.
    • The focus is on delivering quality reskins swiftly, although excessive attention to minute details is discouraged.

Programming Disclaimer

  1. Programming Timeline
    • Programming takes approximately 5 additional business days in conjunction with the graphics time. The total turnaround time should not exceed 25 business days but usually completes much sooner.
    • Specific timeframes for larger-scale source code projects will be communicated separately if necessary.
  2. Scope of Programming Service
    • The programming package includes code reskinning, testing, and integration of graphics into the code. It does not include additional changes or new features unless requested with additional costs.
  3. Feedback Period
    • Users have 5 days after delivery to report issues related to the programming. After closure, GameBolo doesn’t entertain free edits.

No Refund Policy

  1. Order Process and Refund Policy
    • Once the reskin team has started work on the project, no refunds will be offered post-project initiation.

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