Terms and Condition

GameBolo Buyer Terms & Conditions

  1. Terms and Conditions

    • GameBolo reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions, with changes becoming valid upon posting to the site. By using the website, users agree to these terms.
  2. Trade Marks

    • Whoever owns the rights to the materials published on this site will retain those rights.
  3. Buyers Terms and Conditions

    • Upon submission and approval of product, users agree to the terms and conditions, assuming a legal agreement between themselves and GameBolo. Users representing a company declare their legal authority to bind the company to these terms. Users confirm they are at least 18 years old.
  4. Buyers

    • GameBolo reserves the right to refuse a Buyer account or suspend an account without notice. Users are solely responsible for site access and use with their login details.
  5. Copyright Infringements

    • Instructions for reporting potential copyright violations to copy@gamebolo.com are provided.
  6. GameBolo’s Role

    • Game developers are the sole owners of uploaded codes. GameBolo holds no ownership or rights to these codes. GameBolo doesn’t ensure the quality, legality, or safety of sold or downloaded codes.
  7. Site Usage and Maintenance

    • GameBolo reserves the right to restrict or shut down site access, including maintenance, without notice. GameBolo is not liable for losses due to these actions.
  8. Fees and Services

    • Registration is free for buyers and developers. Buyers pay for purchased products and services. VAT is added according to EU VAT laws for European buyers. Buyers are responsible for all associated fees and charges, including currency conversion costs.
  9. Buyer Credibility of Information

    • Developers declare the accuracy and currency of all details provided about themselves and their businesses.
  10. Security and Privacy

  • GameBolo doesn’t guarantee the security of uploaded data but maintains security mechanisms to protect it.
  1. Purchasing products
  • Buyers acknowledge the license type purchased and agree not to breach its terms. License types are described: Single App License and Multiple App License.

11a. Buyer Responsibilities

  • Buyers are solely responsible for verifying the suitability of purchased code for their intended usage.
  1. Purchasing Upgrades
  • Users are directed to the Reskin Terms & Conditions for additional services available on the platform.
  1. Refund Policy
  • Qualifying conditions and procedures for a refund request within 14 days of purchase are provided.
  1. Disclaimer
  • GameBolo provides content, materials, and products “AS IS” and disclaims warranties. GameBolo does not guarantee the site is free of errors or harmful components.
  1. Prohibited Conduct
  • Users agree not to engage in prohibited activities that could harm the site or other users’ enjoyment of it.
  1. Forums
  • Users are responsible for posted materials, subject to GameBolo’s right to moderate and delete inappropriate content.
  1. Indemnification
  • Users are held responsible for claims and expenses arising from their actions on the platform.
  1. Jurisdiction
  • Dispute resolution jurisdiction is the Court of Dublin, Ireland.
  1. Definitions
  • Provides definitions for key terms used within the Terms and Conditions.

This adaptation incorporates the requested change of “SellMyApp” to “GameBolo” within the Terms & Conditions.

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